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Regata sociale 2018

Sunday 19th of August, there will be the classic Club regatta "Ferruccio Day", when part of the entr ...

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#FVMSailingTeam @ campionati Europei e Mondiali 2018

Si sono conclusi nelle ultime settimane i primi Campionati del Mondo ed Europei del 2018, a cui hann ...

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Sailing Team | Selezione Campionati Italiani 2019 Optimist

Concluse le selezioni Zonali Optimist per i Campionati Italiani 2019 della classe Optimist, con un b ...

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Zonale Laser

Laser 4.7, Laser Radial and Laser Standard class

Laser Youth Easter Meeting

Laser 4.7 and Laser Radial

Melges 24 Tour 2019

Melges 24 class

  • Corsi per adulti

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Europa is a family-run business which has been operating on lake garda since 1993. Now based at the fraglia vela malcesine sailing centre, near navene, Charles and Alison Kinsley have extensive knowledge of the lake and its possibilities and pride themselves on introducing their clients to the best of sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, biking and sup. They are both surfers, windsurfers, sailors and bikers for more years than they wish to admit to and they bring this knowledge to bear on every aspect of your water and land sports including the selection of state-of-the-art equipment.


Our boats:

  • Topper Original 
  • Topper Taz 
  • Topper Topaz 
  • Topaz Magno 
  • Topaz Omega 
  • Topaz Vibe
  • Topaz Xenon 
  • Hobie 15 and 18 
  • Topaz 16C and 16CX 

Course available or boats for rent.


For more info call Charles o Alison:

Mobile: 338 6053096 opure 339 6659085


Buon Vento a tutti!