Different goals at the Moth Worlds in Garda - Ladies' point of view


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Different goals at the Moth Worlds in Garda - Ladies' point of view

Silver medallist in Rio in the Laser Radial class, Annalise Murphy, one of a growing group of Irish mothies, has not spent a lot of time in her Moth since Rio but believes she can make the Gold fleet at her second Moth Worlds.

“I’ve done four days of training, I think I am fast enough but boat handling is shocking. If they just put the windward mark on the starboard layline from the start I’m good” she joked.

However she did spend some time perfecting her foiling tacks and is now a bit more confident of making the Gold fleet as she did in Sorrento two years ago.


Another Olympic sailor, Wakako Tabata from Japan has been campaigning a Nacra 17 on the Olympic circuit and more recently has been sailing her Laser Radial.

“I have only had 5 days practise in the Moth, the Laser Radial is quite different from the foiling Moth.”

But her biggest concerns are getting a clear start. “It’s a huge big fleet so starting is so hard.”

“I aim to beat as many of the other women sailors as I can and try and get into the Gold Fleet. Annalise Murphy is very fast, particularly in heavy winds but I like the medium winds.”


Emma Spiers from Sydney, Australia is a regular club Moth sailor. She would like to encourage other good club sailors to go Moth sailing. She sails nearly every Saturday afternoon and has been racing a Moth for around 6 or 7 years. “I love sailing the boat, it’s a fantastic boat to sail.”

Asked about her goals Emma says: “I have competed in six previous worlds and I would like to finish in the top third of the fleet. I have raced in the worlds in Campione in 2012. I did Foiling Week this year and then stayed here for a few weeks, it is like my home club now.”


Emma Gravar from Sweden is another regular club sailor. She has been racing here in Garda quite a few times but just once in the Moth. She has been sailing the Moth for 5 – 6 years but not sailed for the last 3 years because she started a family.

“I have competed in four Moth world championships but this is the biggest fleet. I have no real expectations at this regatta because I just broke my finger and my boat is all new so I just want to make it around the course and enjoy the spirit here and the adorable venue.”

Josie Gliddon from the UK is an ambassador for the Magenta Project and actively encourages more women to sail at any level but her passion is Moth sailing. She has developed a cut down rig and uses it when the wind is heavy.


She is sailing at her first Moth Worlds but the big fleet doesn’t phase her at all, she says there is more space than you think on the course.

As for her aims she says, “There is such a spectrum of different types of sailor here, it would be great to come in the top half of the fleet but I just want to do my best.”

She is also sailing against her husband Paul. “I have got this really small foil which is really quick when I was out training against my husband, I was quicker than him downwind so he went and got a smaller foil to!”

“If you can sail one of these boats well, you are a really good sailor.”


Franziska Mage from Germany has only just started sailing the Moth this season and is very fresh. She has progressed from Optimist to 420 and 470 and now the Moth.

“Of course it is a competitive class and you have to be fit but if you adjust the sails right it is ok. It is my third regatta in the class, the last regatta was in Germany with two other German girls.

“I am glad that I can compete against the best sailors in the world, I don’t have any main aims but my personal goal is to master the foiling gybe and it’s all about practising and getting better.”


Ton Fuller

Phot Credit: Martina Orsini